Grady Sizemore Pictures: Slugger Cries Foul On Sexy Shots "Stolen" from GF Brittany Binger's Phone

(Personal Photo)
Photo: Grady Sizemore and girlfriend Playboy playmate Brittany Binger.

CLEVELAND (CBS/AP) More than a dozen steamy photos of all-star center fielder Grady Sizemore have made their way to Web sites across the Internet, but the Cleveland Indians star complains the shots were "stolen" from his girlfriend's e-mail and says that he is taking legal action.

Sizemore said that the nearly-nude pictures, including one where he is completely naked except for a tea cup covering his privates, were only meant for his girlfriend Playboy playmate Brittany Binger.

(AP Photo )
Photo: Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore rounding the bases July 26, 2009.

"These pictures were stolen illegally from my girlfriend's e-mail," Sizemore told The Cleveland Plain Dealer this weekend.

"It's now a legal matter that is under investigation. I can't say anything more."

Indians general manager, Mark Shapiro, said that he has not seen the pictures, but will "look into it," accodring to the paper.

The photos were taken with a cell-phone camera and show the major-leaguer alone, in various states of undress, in front of a bathroom mirror.

In some the shots he is fully clothed, and in others, he's wearing little to no clothing.

A Major League Baseball investigator contacted a number of the websites posting images this weekend and asked that they be taken down.

One of the sites still featured the shots Monday morning, but also posted the note from the official.

The message said the pictures were stolen from a personal computer and directed the site to preserve any related records in anticipation of a criminal complaint.