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Grading Obama's First 100 Days


Today is President Obama's 100th day in office, and we asked The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder, CBS News' chief political consultant, to grade the president's performance on a variety of policy areas. Read what he has to say, and then give the president your own grades.

The Economy: B

The government created several trillion dollars and bailed out the economy. We're stable now, but a debt crisis in, say, China, could throw the world into a depression. A work in progress.

World Affairs: A

The main foreign policy communications goal of the administration: take anti-Americanism off the table. They've done that, and quickly, in Europe and South America.

Iraq: B+

Mr. Obama got the principals to agree on a strategy and no-one resigned over it. But violence has flared up, and it's not clear whether benchmarks will be met.

Afghanistan: C+

A muddled strategy for a muddled country. It's the deep chasm over which the administration hangs.

Health Care: B+

By letting Congress fill in the details, Mr. Obama's incentivizing the committee chairs to get things done. And they probably will.

Energy And The Environment: B

The administration doesn't want the House to pass cap-and-trade this year – they've budgeted it for the future – and so they've lost control of the agenda a bit. Still, Mr. Obama's spending a lot more money on clean energy, green jobs and renewable resource research.

Social Issues: A

Very well finessed. The administration doesn't want to give the Republicans any social issue with which they can juice up their base.

Here's where you can provide your own grades on the topics above:

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