Gov. Scott Walker looks to finish his college degree

Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., in an April 13, 2012 file photo.
Whitney Curtis, Getty Images

Gov. Scott Walker is going back to school.

A spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Republican says Walker is looking to sew up a degree he abandoned 24 years ago when he was a senior at Milwaukee's Marquette University and left to accept a position with the American Red Cross.

"Governor Walker would like to finish his degree through the UW FlexOption once they expand the degree offerings," Walker's press secretary, Laurel Patrick, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The governor has been a strong supporter of the University of Wisconsin-System's self-paced online course offerings.

Patrick couldn't specify which degree Walker would pursue or his timeline for doing so. Often mentioned in whispers of 2016 presidential prospects, Walker first faces a relatively tough reelection fight this fall.

Announcing the online degree program in 2012, Walker explained his struggle in finishing up his college education: "I kept thinking I'd go back, got married, had one kid, had another kid, next thing you know," he said, "you're worrying more about paying for your kids' college education than you are for your own."

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