Goshawk hunts water balloons in super slow-motion

(CBS News) The goshawk is a bit of a bird equivalent to the "shark of the skies". In short, these fearsome birds of prey are well-known for their superior hunting skills. And while there has been plenty of research and studies on almost every facet of these fascinating birds, one major question remains unanswered: what do they look like in super slow-motion hunting their dreaded enemy: water balloons! Well, finally find out the long-awaited answer above. (No, it's not 42).

The sweet slow-motion and high-definition experiment was created by Earth Unplugged, who are marking their fourth appearance on The Feed this month, and who write about their latest:

The "cheetah of the sky" takes on an unusual foe - a water balloon! One of the most extraordinary slow mos yet - the boys reveal an attack in awesome close-up.
With the exception of our difference in simile for the goshawk ("shark of the skies" is way slicker!), another amazing piece from a group we've come to love for their fascinating perspective on wildlife. And a big triple-rainbow salute of animal excellence goes out to them from us here at The Feed for this latest! To check out more super slow-motion from Earth Unpluggedyou can see our previous posts on them by clicking here or you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.