Gorilla's reaction to taunting will make you jump

One ticked off gorilla

(CBS News) It can't be easy being gawked and mocked all day long while trapped behind a glass case of emotions. At some point you're just bound to snap. And that's exactly what this feisty gorilla did in front of some unsuspecting kids at the Dallas Zoo. Check it out above.

Boo! Were you scared? I'll admit I kind of jumped, and I am safely hidden behind a computer screen. Also, it really sounded like the gorilla yelled "boo," too. (Did he, or did I just imagine that?) In all fairness to the gorilla, the kids are doing exactly what they do when standing in front of a big, hairy primate (who is luckily separated by a thick glass wall): banging their chests Tarzan-style, trying to get his attention, and generally acting like they're "in the wild." 

But this big guy has had enough and lets them know it. As one person commented, where were the parents during all of this yelling? Had they intervened, these kids might not have had the daylights scared out of them -- but then again, it wouldn't have been as funny. Boo!