Gorilla Dan: No Girl-illa My Dreams

When it comes to dating, some might say it's a zoo out there. Just ask Dan. While people keep trying to set him up, the New York City gorilla is not having a lot of luck.

Correspondent Morry Alter of station WCBS-TV in New York reports Dan has a problem hooking up with a "prime mate."

It's not like the zoo is getting in his way - he's living with five females. Gorillas in nature live in harems.

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Dan came to New York from Salt Lake City's zoo a year ago. Four of the females are not reproductive rookies. Three have gorilla babies and one has had twins. Suggestions have been made, but there are no plans to show Dan inspirational videos. No plans for Viagra, either.

Zoo officials plan to wait another year and if Dan doesn't fall in love, perhaps find a replacement for him. So Dan is like the other players in the Bronx who, if they don't get their statistics up, get traded for hotter prospects.

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