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"Gorgeous" Biden Connects in Ohio

(TOLEDO, OHIO) It may have been inevitable – but just three days after campaigning together, Joe Biden has taken away some of the spotlight from Barack Obama.

At a town hall meeting today, Biden seemed to connect with the middle-class crowd in a way that Obama has been trying to do since he campaigned in and lost Ohio in the primary.

The difference today was that Biden was not afraid to show emotion. He was angry when he spoke about John McCain's tax cuts, arguing that American families would be left without "a single red cent."

"The middle-class built American," Biden shouted, "We have one overriding responsibility as we see it - to rebuild the middle class – give you a fighting chance!"

The crowd ate it up – applauding and yelling back "yeah."

And when Biden spoke about the potentially devastating effects of Hurricane Gustav, he became somber and urged the crowd to pray.

"I hope it doesn't sound corny, but say a little prayer. Say a little prayer, because these folks have been through... hell."

Biden also showed that he isn't afraid to veer off of his stump in order to get a good laugh. When he spoke about differences between himself and Sarah Palin, Biden proclaimed, "She's good-looking!"

And when a woman in the crowd yelled back "You are gorgeous!," Biden responded, "Would you make sure Jill hears that?...I haven't heard that in a long, long, long time."

For now, Biden seems to be making up for some of Obama's shortcomings, and if he continues to do so, Obama may have a real chance at winning over the blue-collar votes that he has been courting.