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Gore Makes Last Minute Trip Abroad On Eve Of Nobel Announcement — Or Not

Update: Gore spokesperson Kalee Kreider now tells CBS News that Gore initially canceled plans to attend Sen. Barbara Boxer's fundraiser Thursday night to attend an event in Asia. However, that event was later postponed, allowing Gore to keep his previous plans.

We wrote today about how former Vice President Al Gore is a frontrunner for the Nobel Peace Prize, which will be announced tomorrow in Oslo, Norway, and what that could mean for his entry into the presidential race.

Now the San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci is reporting that Gore cancelled an appearance today at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer in San Francisco. Boxer explained why in an email to supporters: "I just got a call from Vice President Al Gore. He told me that he needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming."

Incidentally, as Ben Smith points out, the gamblers over at Intrade are putting Gore at a 13.8 percent chance of winning the Democratic nomination. Sen. Barack Obama's only at 11.5 percent.