Gore Camp Unveils Themes

CBS News' John Roberts reports on those issues and themes that Gore will highlight during his acceptance speech at the upcoming Democratic convention in Los Angeles.

Overall, Gore will deliver a very positive speech that will focus on the future. His speech will focus on many specific policy examples, and will be substantive in nature.

In particular, Gore will focus on middle class tax cuts, saving social security, Medicare, and other themes that have been a central focus of his campaign so far.

Gore will announce for the first time that if he is elected president, he will hold regular town meetings across the country as a way of connecting with people.

The vice president says that there needs to be a rekindling of the democratic spirit, and that these open meetings, meant to connect the people and the president, will serve as a set-piece of his administration.

Gore says he will contrast his policies with those of the Bush campaign, specifically Bush's proposed tax cut plan.

But, Gore says, he will not use his speech to engage in negative attacks.

In an attempt to further distance himself from Clinton's problems, Gore will stress that he is running as his own person, with his own agenda, ideas and experiences.