GOP Valentine's Cards Mock Democrats

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may not be the first people who come to mind when celebrating Valentine's Day, but the Republican party has nevertheless come out with a series of Valentine's Day e-cards featuring those Democrats and others.

"You won't see this Valentine's Card on C-SPAN," reads one card featuring a picture of Mr. Obama. A card with a picture of Senate Leader Reid and House Speaker Pelosi says, "We crafted this Valentine's card behind closed doors."

Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele shared the cards with GOP supporters in a recent fundraising e-mail. "Share them with all your family and friends, especially those Democrats who need to know how you feel about the wrong direction their party is dragging our country," he wrote.

More than 122,000 cards have been sent, according to the RNC's site. There are 18 e-cards to choose from.