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GOP senator: Holiday season is a reminder of "freedom of religion"

Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, said in the GOP address this week that Christmas and the holiday season serve as a reminder about freedom of religion in the U.S.

"For those of different faiths, including those who choose not to observe a higher power or any religious faith, this season is observed with many different traditions. The season is a reminder of one of our greatest American values ensured by our Constitution: the freedom of religion," he said.

The diversity of the celebration, he said, is part of the "magic of Christmas."

"It brings people together in so many different ways, especially in service to others," Crapo said.

The GOP senator alluded to terrorist attacks that have taken place this year, which he said are reminders that people cannot take their lives for granted.

"We live in a beautiful world with some very dark corners. I pray that more light can be shed into the dark corners throughout this Christmas season and the year ahead and that God's love can be felt and reflected in every corner of our hearts, of our country and the world," he said.

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