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GOP: Democrats' Strategy "Based on Class Warfare and Race"

In a video released last Friday, President Obama unveiled his party's "Vote 2010" strategy for stemming expected losses in the midterm elections. The strategy is predicated in part on reengaging the voters who helped Mr. Obama to victory in the 2008 presidential race - among them first-time voters, young people, blacks and Hispanics.

Today Democratic National Committee chair Tim Kaine is elaborating on that strategy. In remarks at a Christian Science Monitor lunch, Kaine plans to say that Democrats will look to draw a distinction between their party as the one that gets things done and Republicans as obstructionists bent on opposing all legislation for political gain, according to excerpts posted by Mike Allen.

He will also say the party's "first priority" is to bring out the 2008 first-time voters, half of whom, the Wall Street Journal notes, were black, Hispanic, or young. That could mean a "significant" gain of up to 4 percent of the votes cast in key races, Kaine (pictured below) argues.

He also accuses the GOP of trying "to suppress the vote and initiate arbitrary challenges, particularly challenging minority and low-income voters."

Gov. Tim Kaine, ES, 01.07.10 CBS

President Obama's initial message concerning the demographic strategy garnered anger on the right: Conservative news site The Drudge Report greeted the video with the headline "OBAMA PLAYS RACE CARD: RALLIES BLACKS, LATINOS FOR '10 UPSET."

Now Kaine's words are prompting a similar response. In an e-mail to Politico's Ben Smith, Republican National Committee spokesman Doug Heye suggested the strategy represented desperation.

"Only days after our post-racial president made an appeal based on class warfare and race, Gov. Kaine is doing the same thing," he said.

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