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GOP activists look to revoke Trump's presidential nomination

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Donald Trump may have formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination at last month's convention in Cleveland, but that's not stopping a group of activists from trying to strip him of his title.

Members of Free the Delegates -- the same group that led an unsuccessful movement to allow delegates to "vote their conscience" at the convention -- are now petitioning the Republican National committee to hold an emergency meeting to revoke Trump's nomination, the Washington Post first reported.

Sources familiar with the matter said they're reaching out to members of the RNC, which includes three representatives from each state and U.S. territory.

"We believe it will not be difficult to obtain the necessary signatures," said Regina Thompson, the national spokesperson for Free the Delegates 2016.

Beau Correll, a Virginia lawyer and RNC delegate, and other members of the so-called "GOP Accountability Project," signed documents, like the one below obtained by the Washington Post, calling for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to schedule a meeting in accordance with Rule 8(b) with the intent of discussing the candidacy of the current Republican presidential nominee.

A redacted copy of the petition being circulated to RNC members. (Courtesy of Regina Thomson and Beau Correll.) Washington Post

In order for Priebus to lawfully call an emergency meeting to order, members from at least 16 states must file petitions, and the chairman would need to schedule the gathering within 10 days.

Petitioners cite Trump's abysmal polling numbers and his public feud with a Gold Star family as reasons why this initiative was launched in the first place. According to party rules, the RNC may fill "vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise" of the Presidential nominee. Group members said they will hone in on the "otherwise" subsection to call for Trump's disqualification and removal.

However, email responses from RNC delegates indicate the group will not gain the necessary support to move the initiative forward. Texas delegate Toni Anne Dashiell said, "have not heard from them. Won't support them" while Pennsylvania delegate Christine Toretti does not believe the group will "have any semblance of success."

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