Goose Hunt Disrupts Church Picnic

Border Collie "Meg" eyes a Canada goose at Binney Park, in Greenwich, Conn. Tuesday June 6, 2005. Town officials are fed up with Canada geese soiling local parks, to the point that mass execution was contemplated. After intense public debate, the plan was dropped in favor of non-lethal alternatives - including a border collie in a life jacket, yapping from aboard a kayak.
Canada Goose, geese
Canadian Geese (AP Photo/The Reporter, Justin Connaher)

HINGHAM, Mass. (CBS/AP) It wasn't your traditional wing and a prayer.

The rector of a church in Hingham, Mass. says parishioners trying to hold a post-Mass picnic at the town's beach were interrupted by a Canadian goose being shot in front of them.

The Rev. Timothy Schenk of the St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church said that the church was holding its "preach at the beach" Mass last week when parishioners saw two hunters open fire on a small flock of geese.

He said one goose was shot and fell into the water, but did not die immediately.

Schenk said parents and children at the picnic were upset about the shooting. He said the Mass was designed for children and to remind them that God isn't just found at the pulpit and in the pews.

A regulation prohibits discharging firearms on town property.

No charges have been filed.