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Google Glass was snatched right off my face, reporter says

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - A man said he had his Google Glass wearable computer snatched from his face while walking on a San Francisco sidewalk, reports CBS San Francisco.

Kyle Russell, 20, a reporter for Business Insider, had just finished covering a protest march with a colleague Friday night, when they began walking to a subway station, according to a column he wrote for the news site. The protest they'd been covering was against a Google lawyer who allegedly evicted people from a building he purchased, reports the station.

"After more than an hour spent working on the story in a coffee shop, I arranged my laptop, camera, and notes in my backpack," he wrote. "Mindlessly, I put on Google Glass instead of squeezing it in with the rest of my things. In retrospect, I can see how that might not have been the best idea."

Russell said that a woman came up to him and stole the glasses right of his face while yelling, "Glass!" The woman then took off running.

Russell said he tried to chase the woman through traffic before she stopped and flung the $1,500 device to the ground, and then took off again.

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