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Goodwill Hunting

Look out, eBay; you have some competition. Goodwill Industries has launched the first nonprofit cyber-auction, and it is a treasure hunter's dream.

Fred Grandy, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International, describes CBS This Morning from Alexandria, Va., what's in store for would-be bidders.

People will now be able to support the work that Goodwill does by purchasing donated items from the comfort of their own homes.

Goodwill is a collection of local organizations serving people with disabilities and other special needs.

Some of those organizations were already selling their valuable items through eBay. But the one in Orange County, Calif., took the lead in creating an inhouse site, explains Grandy.

Fred Grandy: aims to market the mission
"They are the foremost technologically advanced Goodwill and really saw the writing on the wall about ecommerce," he says.

"Why pay fees to someone else when we could do it ourselves?" Grandy asks. "We are everywhere but cyberspace."

The company provides job training and vocational rehabilitation programs to help people get jobs and become tax-paying members of society, he says.

The Web site will also be used to promote what's going on in the stores.

"We can market [that] our treasures are going for a noble cause. Marketing the mission is what is important," says Grandy.

"Every Goodwill has treasures; some will send us their best stuff. Synergy will be created. There is plenty of stuff. The stores will not be shortchanged," he adds.

To visit Goodwill's auction Web site, go to

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