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Good Samaritan shot while helping assault victim in Mass.

LYNN, Mass. - A Good Samaritan was shot in Massachusetts after coming to the aid of an older man who was being assaulted on the side of the road, police say, reports CBS Boston.

The shooting took place Wednesday afternoon in Lynn after an elderly man in a pickup truck struck a motorcycle.

"The driver of the pickup truck got out to check on the well-being of the motorcyclist, and the motorcyclist attacked him," Lynn Police Lt. Rick Donnelly said.

That's when Lee Felings, who was sitting on a nearby stoop, decided to intervene.

The motorcyclist ultimately fled, but vowed to get Felings back, according to the station. Just minutes later, the motorcyclist came back and fired a shot, hitting Felings once in the stomach.

Felings was hospitalized but is expected to be OK, according to the station.

"He did the right thing, that's what's so incredible," Felings' friend Lois Lane CBS Boston. "You see wrong in the world, you have to right the wrong."

The shooter is described as a black or Hispanic man, about 6 feet tall and 170 pounds. Anyone with information on the shooter's identity is asked to contact police.

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