Good Samaritan finds wedding ring along side of snowy highway, seeks owner

Wedding ring found along side of snowy Northern California interstate by Good Samaritan who's now seeking its owner

KINGVALE, Calif. Finding a lost wedding ring along a snowy highway is hard enough. But a Good Samaritan in Northern California also has to track down the man it belongs to.

Douglas Benedetti says he met the man but doesn't know his name or phone number.

Benedetti says the man was searching for the ring on the shoulder of Interstate 80 near Kingvale in the Sierra earlier this month. He told Benedetti he'd lost the ring while putting chains on his vehicle.

Benedetti told CBS Sacramento station KOVR-TV the man was jogging up and down the shoulder in a panic, and was using the light from his cell phone as he looked for the ring.

Benedetti, who installs chains for people on the highway, decided to return to the area hours after the man left. After a little less than an hour of searching, he came across the ring in the snow next to a semi-truck.

Benedetti wants to return the ring. But all he has to go on is its inscription: "Lisa, 5th June, 2010."

"A sentimental piece for a special time in their life, and they don't need to have it lost on the side of the highway," Benedetti remarked to KOVR.