Good Gossip Good For You, Study Says

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Many people have a negative view of gossip -- even though we all engage in it. But is it really a bad thing?

Gossip is any kind of talk behind someone's back. But some gossip, as it turns out, may actually be a good thing.

"Early Show" Contributing Correspondent Taryn Winter Brill reported a new study by the British Psychological Society shows chatting about others can make you happier. But there's a catch: It has to be nice gossip.

The research shows that, after saying good things about a person, positive emotions were raised three percent, while self-esteem rose by five percent.

Bonnie Fuller, editor in chief of, a celebrity news website, said, "I actually think that people can be more interested in good news gossip than in bad. Getting engaged. Getting married. Getting pregnant. Having babies. Happy occasions."

Brill reported that, while it's best to keep things positive, the study also finds that any kind of gossip, bitter or sweet, gave people a greater sense of social support.

"The Early Show" contributor Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a child and adolescent psychologist, discussed the study and when it's OK to gossip -- and when it's better to just zip it!

Click on the video below for her analysis: