Golfer on Obama call: Hey buddy, how you doing?

Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson

(CBS News) It's been a media whirlwind for golfer Bubba Watson after his victory at the Masters on Sunday.

On "CBS This Morning," Wednesday, Watson said President Obama called to congratulate him on the victory.

"I said, 'Hey buddy, how you doing?' Watson laughed. "He laughed about it and stuff," Watson added.

Watson said he'd play golf with the president if he asked, but "He hasn't asked yet."

Watson wears green jacket, heart on his sleeve

Watson defeated South African Louis Oosthiuzen in a sudden death playoff hole to win golf's greatest prize Sunday. It was a surprise win for the 33-year-old Watson, who hit an amazing, out-of-the-woods hook shot on the second hole of the playoff. "I knew I could pull it off," Watson said of the shot. But "to actually hit it that close was surprising to me."

Watson wins the Masters

An emotional Watson described the moments after the victory as "craziness, awesomeness."

After hitting the winning putt, he hugged his mother. "My mom had two jobs when I was in high school to make sure she could pay for my golf clubs and pay for all the golf stuff," Watson said. "Just to say thanks to my mom. We didn't say any words, we hugged - just cried for a while."

Watson said he's driving the ball an average of 314 yards off the tee this year. What allows him to hit the ball longer than most? He said it's his technique called the arc.

"I straighten my arms out both ways on the backswing and the follow through. The arc creates the club head speed and then obviously a lot of practice hitting the center club face. The arc creates the club head speed, which creates the power to go a bit farther."