Golfer Dennis Walters' New Bagful of Tricks

Dennis Walters, a popular trick golfer.
Dennis Walters is at the top of his game - just not the game most golf fans are used to: the clubs bend, the golf balls catch fire, and the caddy tees up the ball with his mouth.

Walters is one of the most popular trick golfers around, a kind of success he never saw coming, reports CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella.

"I've been on tour for 34 years, this is not exactly the tour I wanted to go on, let's put it that way," Walters said.

At 24, Dennis Walters was on track to join the PGA Tour as one of the top professional golfers in the world. That changed in an instant one sunny Sunday in 1974.

"I was on an old three-wheel golf cart and I was going down a steep hill and I wasn't going all that fast," Walters said. "And that's about all I can remember."

Walters was paralyzed from the waist down.

"Almost every person I met said it would be impossible for me to play golf because I couldn't stand up," Walter said. "Guess what? They were right. So I started hitting golf balls sitting down."

He and a friend found a way to attach a swivel bar stool to a golf cart and added a car seatbelt for balance.

A year-and-a-half after his accident Walters was on a new tour, with his special golf cart and a bagful of trick shots. It was a hit.

Since then, he's performed 2,900 shows in every state but Alaska. And no matter how tricky the club, Walters always hits his mark.

In his 35-year career, Walters has earned praise from presidents, shelves full of awards, and he's inspired more kids than he can count.

"In my show, I tell this story and encourage others to reach for their dreams - strive for excellence and do something they didn't think they could," Walters said.

As Dennis likes to say, if your dream doesn't work out, get a new dream.