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Golden Retriever intentionally set on fire, severely burned

WEST LOS ANGELES -- Police on Wednesday sought the public's help to locate those responsible for purposely setting fire to a stray Golden Retriever, CBS Los Angeles reported.

According to the Southern California Golden Retriever rescue group, a 1-year-old dog named Fergus sustained severe burns after chemicals, lighter fluid or gasoline was poured down his entire back.

"When you think you've seen it all, you are always proven wrong," members of the rescue group said. "The inhumanity of human's is unbearable at times."

Authorities said they believe someone intentionally harmed the dog a few days ago, and could be abusing other animals.

On Saturday, Fergus was placed in a Lancaster animal shelter for several days in this condition.

He was released to the rescue group and was brought to the Animal Medical Center in West Los Angeles.

According to his veterinarian, the burns were so severe that the nerves along his back were killed. As a result, he is not suffering much pain.

In fact, Fergus has responded very well to antibiotic treatment and medications.

The burns are being covered with special cloths and ointments while his vet works to save him from infection.

Meanwhile, a veterinarian clinic in Pasadena has offered their Hyperbaric Chamber to help in Fergus' healing.

While he is going to need a lot of time to heal from his injuries, Fergus will go into a foster home once he is well enough to be released from the veterinarian's care.

Fergus Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue Group

After a few weeks, he will then be well enough to be adopted.

According to the rescue group, tons of requests have already poured in from people to adopt Fergus. Applications are available on their website.

In just three days, more than $10,000 has been raised through the rescue group's Gofundme page for Fergus.

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