Golden Globes 2012: A look at the numbers

Golden Globes 2012
Golden Globes 2012

(CBS) The countdown to the Golden Globe Awards begins. The stars have already started walking the red carpet.

But first, here's a few facts about the big night, according to

-- An estimated 1,300 guests will walk the red carpet

-- The red carpet is 30,000 feet long

-- 120 round tables are in the main ballroom

-- 10,000 pieces of Royal Doulton silverware will be used

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-- 20 flower arrangers are creating the table centerpieces.

-- Guests at the show and the post-show parties are expected to eat 10,000 pieces of sushi

-- Guests are expected to drink about 550 magnums of Moet & Chandon vintage 2002 champagne

-- An estimated 20,000 mixed drinks will be consumed.

And according to the Los Angeles Times ...

-- The Golden Globe trophy weighs 5.5 pounds

-- 50 chefs are making dinner

-- 50 bartenders are in the ballroom

-- 110 kitchen and prep staff are  working

-- 250 servers will wait on guests