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Stars react to Golden Globe 2016 nominations

It's like Amy Schumer heard about her Golden Globe nomination from friends.

The comedian watched as one of her friends, America Ferrara read the name of her film, "Trainwreck" Thursday. Then Dennis Quaid, another friend, read her name when announcing the best actress in a film comedy category. Still in bed, Schumer says that's when she let out a scream and her eyes teared up.

Her first congratulatory text message came from Chris Rock. Since then, Schumer says she's only been talking to reporters. The actress says, "It's funny, I haven't talked to any of my family or friends yet. Just journalists. But yeah. Those are my real family now."

Meanwhile, Rachel Bloom says she spent her few sleeping hours dreaming about the Golden Globe nominations.

By Thursday morning, the wait was over. And her dreams of receiving a nomination for her role on CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" were a reality.

Bloom worked until midnight on the show and was so tired she didn't take off her makeup or shower. She wasn't sure she would watch the Globe nominations - which occur before dawn in Los Angeles - but her dreams convinced her to tune in.

She says, "My dreams were filled with it so I was like, 'Oh who am I kidding. I'm not going to play it cool.' I've never played anything cool in my entire life."

There's little time for rest for Bloom, who's due back on set later Thursday. For work, and some celebrating.

She says, "I can't believe it. Seven months ago I thought we had a dead pilot."

Brie Larson, who's nominated in the Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for "Room" said on the "Today" show, "What the heck, you guys? I can't even figure this whole thing, I was sitting between my parents and I still can't tell if this is a dream or not. It feels so special. I mean this is beyond anything I could've ever imagined."

Prior to the nominations, Larson had garnered a lot of attention for her performance in "Room." She told CBS News in October, "It's brought up in a way that I feel like I'm on this marathon run and I have all these beautiful people on the sidelines handing me Gatorade. It's really cool. It's the highest honor you can receive in my profession. It's a wonderful conversation to be having. But I think what's more important to me is how deeply the film is actually resonating ... That's what I'm excited about."

Idris Elba, who received both movie and TV nominations, said in a statement, "Wow thank you to the HFPA, who have always been so amazingly supportive of me throughout my career. I'm so excited, in particular, to be recognized for both 'Luther' and Beasts of No Nation. For 'Luther,' what better way to celebrate the end of a great run than with this stellar acknowledgement. As for Beasts, I can only hope this attention will get more people to see the brilliance of all that is Cary Fukunaga and my extraordinary co-star Abraham Attah. I share in this exciting moment with everyone who poured their hearts into these projects and who I could not have done this without."

"I will be celebrating the best way I know how, which is to get a nice hug from my family and go off and shoot a movie." - "Trumbo" star Bryan Cranston on how he intends to revel in his nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Film.

"I am so stinky right now. I was shooting all day yesterday. I was so tired. I didn't take off my makeup. I didn't shower." - "My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star Rachel Bloom on her physical condition when finding out about her nomination for Best Actress in a TV Comedy.

"Maybe it will help me get paid a little better. I wouldn't mind that." - "99 Homes" co-star Michael Shannon on what his nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Film might do for his career.

"I think any ceremony that has Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy at it is immediately worth attending. I'm quite excited." - "The Big Short" director Adam McKay, who is up for Best Screenplay, on his famous friends also nominated for awards.

See how some other stars are reacting to the nomination news on social media:

Could not be more proud and honored to be nominated for a #GoldenGlobes award for #TheGrinder. It's a great part, on a great show. #happy

Posted by Rob Lowe on Thursday, December 10, 2015

So happy that @martianmovie was nominated for film, actor, and director at the #GoldenGlobes #MattDamon #RidleyScott

Posted by Jessica Chastain on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dear #HFPA, I am so overjoyed by my Golden Globes nomination I decided to coordinate my look today. #aquasocks #GoldenGlobes

Posted by Patrick Stewart on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Once again can’t express how truly honored and humbled I am for the nominations. Thank you Screen Actors Guild Awards, NAACP Image Awards and Golden Globes!

Posted by Viola Davis on Thursday, December 10, 2015