Goldblum Sells In 'Holy Man'

After starring in two of the most successful movies of all time, Independence Day and Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum found a "darling, adorable" co-star for his latest movie: Eddie Murphy.

Murphy plays the title role in Holy Man, co-starring Goldblum as a struggling salesman for a television home shopping network. Goldblum talked to CBS This Morning co-anchor Mark McEwen on Friday.

Goldblum has no lack of praise for his Holy Man co-star, whom he has known for years: "He's great," Goldblum says. "We did a music video together with B.B. King...He's musical. He's great. I adore him. He's hilarious, of course, but very sweet. On this movie...he was just so supportive. I felt good around him."

Goldblaum is also involved in the production of a new children's book, The Emperor's New Clothes: "It's for the Starbright Foundation, which helps seriously ill children... Celebrity types wrote different parts of the story. We recorded it on the CD with the book. It's coming out at Christmas."

While not working on his films, Goldblum enjoys other creative endeavors. He plays piano and can often be found performing at nighclubs either solo or with his jazz band, Five Guys From Italy, which actually consists of only three guys, none of whom is Italian. He also teaches acting at Playhouse West in North Hollywood.

Goldblum will be seen next in a re-release of The Big Chill, the movie about a yuppie reunion that marked one of his first acting successes.

His own early favorite, he told McEwen, was King Kong vs. Godzilla, a "cheesy but great" flick he saw as a child.

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