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"Godfather of Fitness" Going Strong at 95

Jack LaLanne, who just turned 95 on Saturday, joked on "The Early Show" he can't afford to die; it would "wreck his image."

LaLanne is the so-called "godfather of fitness."

He's also a man of many firsts: he opened the first health spa, got athletes to work out with weights and encouraged women to hit the gym.

And if you ever worked out, you probably used one of his inventions. Even the term "Jumping Jack" was named after him.

But LaLanne is probably best known for hosting the first and longest running TV exercise program, "The Jack LaLanne Show." It ran for 34 years.

As LaLanne got older, his feats got bolder. At the age of 70, he towed 70 boats with 70 people for a mile and a half, again, handcuffed and shackled.

His list of accomplishments seems to go on forever -- and so does his youth.

For more with LaLanne, his secrets to longevity, and his book, "Live Young Forever," click on the video below.

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