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"Glee" star Dot-Marie Jones opens up about transgender storyline

When "Glee" star Dot-Marie Jones learned her character was going to come out as transgender, the actress said she initially had hesitations about Coach Beiste's revelation.

"I just didn't want to let down the girls who are straight and tomboys that my character represented the last four seasons,'" she told People about her character's transition from female to male this season. "But I got the script and I was, like, 'Oh my God. This is amazing.'"

Jones' character came out on the Fox series during an episode that aired Jan. 16, revealing plans to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Being transgender, Beiste explained to Sam (Chord Overstreet), means "your outsides don't match how you feel you are on the inside. ... This isn't about who I want to go to bed with -- it's who I want to go to bed as."

"I had thousands of tweets from people. I was crying," Jones said of the responses she received after the episode aired. "Members of the transgender community were saying, 'I never thought I'd see myself on TV. You have no idea what this means to me. Now, maybe people will get it.'"

Jones will be back on "Glee" on Feb. 13, when Beiste returns post-transition. Head to People to see a photo from the episode.

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