"Glee" says goodbye to graduates

The glee club performs in the "Goodbye" season finale episode airing May 22, 2012.
The glee club performs in the "Goodbye" season finale episode airing May 22, 2012.

(CBS News) McKinley High school said goodbye to its seniors in Tuesday  night's emotional season finale of "Glee."


The episode was filled with flashbacks, starting with Mr. Schuester in the choir room reminiscing about when Kurt, Artie, Rachel, Mercedes and Tina all rocked out to "Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat."

Now, three years later and after a Nationals win. Mr. Schuester is left thinking about saying goodbye to his beloved students and plays "Forever Young" on the guitar.

So where did all the students end up?

Puckerman graduated because he ended up getting a C- on his geography test. Though, Brittany didn't see the same luck, ending the school year with a 0.0 GPA, forcing her to stay another year.

Rachel got into NYADA, but Kurt did not. Santana received permission to follow her dreams in New York and Mercedes will be a back-up singer on an indie label. Mike is headed out to Chicago and Puck to California.

Sue Sylvester said she is retiring Quinn's uniform and Finn said he's joining the Army.

Performance highlights included a  graduation ceremony choreographed to Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" and Kurt's father dancing with a sparkly glove to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" with Tina and Brittany as the show flashed back to when Kurt had performed the dance.

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