Glanville Previews Week 10

The Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars are racing towards the playoffs... while Deion Sanders will have to carry the depleted Dallas Cowboys on his shoulders. Can the St. Louis Rams rise up from a two-game losing streak? And where will Joey Galloway take the surging Seattle Seahawks?

To help you out will be sitting down with CBS Sports announcers all season to give you their previews and opinions about current NFL news and each week's schedule.

CBS Sports analyst Jerry Glanville is hear to kickoff the tenth week of the season. Give us your opinion on Joey Galloway's return to the Seahawks?

Jerry Glanville: I don't think what happens off the field will be a problem. Because his teammates and his coaching staff know of his physical talents. And that helps them get to where they want to go. You got a goal, you want to get to the playoffs, well Galloway can help you get there.

Plus, having interviewed Galloway on numerous occasions, I find him a good person. And when you add those two things up, the players look around and say... maybe next year I am the guy holding out.

You catch a ball, you make a play... and he will take some razzing and he will take some kidding around in the locker room. But once he makes a play, and helps the team, the off-field problems will dissolve in a hurry. You have hinted at your desire to return to coaching. What could get you back at the helm?

Jerry Glanville: Really coaches look at different things than the fans do when they are looking at a job. Especially if you have had a couple of jobs.

And the thing I look at is who is cutting the players. I think if you are the head coach, and I have done both ways, and you can not cut the players - that it is down to a committee, and people are voting. My last two years at Atlanta were total complete misery. Because if you couldn't help me, and you wouldn't even put forth the effort, and you wouldn't do what we were demanding you to do... I had to get in a room and get everyone to vote along with me. Well you don't want to coach that way.

What it takes, I think, is for the coach... you don't have to draft them all. You don't have to be in charge of trades. You don't have to be in charge of acquiring people. But when somebody is on your team and he is not elping you... then he is hurting your football team. You have to have... you have to be able to swing the ax and say it is time for him to go.

That makes for a good job. That is what would get me back in the National Football League. What are the key match-ups to look out for in Week 10?

Jerry Glanville: I just did the whole schedule. Let me go down here.

If you like defense, and that is what you live for and you like to see running and chasing and hitting. San Diego versus the Raiders - two outstanding defensive teams - and very poor offensive teams. It is probably a game people will watch if you have been a defensive coach or you just like that type of football. There won't be much scoring. I, myself enjoy watching that. It would be misery for most people.

Then lets go down on Miami vs. Buffalo. A tremendous football game. All the pressure, I think, is on Wade Phillips (Bills coach) as to whether he stays with the frisbee ball formations... no backs in the backfield. He is playing this Canadian football. When they get back in and run the football - pound the football - they are a pretty good football team. But I think all the onus there is on Wade. As to whether he will be committed to that if there is no success early.

Then I look down, let me see... Minnesota vs. Chicago. This could be a very good football game. I am disappointed that the Bears don't have Curtis Conway. He is their Randy Moss. I think if Curtis Conway was in, this is an even ballgame. The Vikings aren't as good as people thought they were, and the Bears are a whole lot better. That will be a good football game.

Jerry Glanville

Green Bay at Dallas will be a good football game. You get a good football game when you get two teams that are going nowhere The Packers are worse every week. And watching the Cowboys, they don't think they can function without losing their three stars. And when you don't think you can you usually don't. But it will end up being a good football game. Because neither team is very good.

Denver at Seattle. Denver playing nowÂ… like they should have been playing all year. You got two football coaches that know how to plan. And football coaches that know how to get the job done. So I think that is a good game. Chris Miller, my ex quarterback, playing there. If I was coaching against him, with his history, I'd be pressuring the quarterback. Send all the people you can after him.

That's probably... the big "Tuna Bowl" is not a big thing anymore. Before the year, the Jets had New England on Monday night... boy that had a lot of flavor - that had a lot of star quality. Right now Drew Bledsoe has gone on and left anything the Jets have. And I think the "Tuna Bowl" will be quieted down when New England ends up winning two in the same year. A number of teams, for example the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings, are beginning to gel. What clubs do you see carrying the momentum into the playoffs?

Jerry Glanville: Well I like Detroit because, because unlike Dallas, they have lost their key marquis players. But nobody is whining about it. There going on and finding a way to win, anyway.

They lose Charlie Batch and Gus Frerotte comes in and plays good. The win two football games. They lose their star receiver. They lose maybe as good as a running back that has ever played. But they just keep finding a way to win.

And it is funny, because in the day of the pro athlete, with the big salary, it is hard to find the word "Team" on your television set every Sunday. But I think if you're a Detroit Lions fan, when you turn the set on, there is a team that is playing like a team... and I like watching them.

I think what is going to happen in Minnesota with Jeff George, is they will play better. But I don't think they are as good on defense as they thought they were going to be. They are not going to be as good as..Todd Steussie, of all people. We watched him at left tackle - the highest paid offensive lineman - and in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys, didn't look like he blocked anybody. So they are not as good as they thought they were going to be. Can anyone stop Jacksonville?

Jerry Glanville: Jacksonville did a great job on defense. The have gone to a zone-blitz scheme that is totally different then what they have ever been. They are an attacking defense. They are not sitting back trying to react to what you do. And I think they have a great schedule.

They are in a division where they can mop up everybody but Tennessee on the division. It is going to be hard not for them to go to the Super Bowl... because they are going to have home field advantage.

If they were in the AFC East, you knock each other off. So, you can have a good team in the AFC East, and only win ten games. Where, I think Jacksonville is going to string a bunch out because of their conference. And I look for them to have home field advantage in the playoffs... be hard to keep them out of the Super Bowl.

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