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Giving Thanks For A New Look

Last Monday, The Early Show asked viewers to write in and tell us their stories of thankfulness, and why they deserved a mother/daughter makeover from stylist to the stars, David Evangelista.

The responses were overwhelming - women around the country wrote to tell us why their moms and daughters were so special, and so deserving of a makeover. But there was one letter that stood out from all the rest; a letter written by Terri Michaels of Fort Bragg, N.C. She wrote:

"I am writing this letter on behalf of my wonderful mother and sister. While I think that they are the two most beautiful people in the world, I also believe they are the two most deserving of a makeover. My loving father passed away April 22, 2001, only three weeks after his father had passed away, and after seven years of battling end stage renal disease, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. I live out of town, but my mother and sister were there for my father on a daily basis, taking him back and forth to dialysis, taking care of an incapacitated loved family member...while they both held down full-time, third-shift jobs, mainly, so they could skip sleeping during the day to get my Daddy where he needed to be. You name it; they were always there for him, many times neglecting themselves to do so.

The holidays were very hard for us last year, lonely, shocking, as we had lost half of our family, and I believe that the holidays were the time that reality set in. Plus, my parents were married the day after Thanksgiving 1964, so it was almost a "double whammy," so to speak, for my mom.

I was hoping that the holidays this year would be easier for us to cope with, but unfortunately, due to unknown medical problems, my sister had to undergo a hysterectomy a few weeks back. She is only 33 years old, and unfortunately, has no children. Once again, my mom was the pillar of our family, and took off several weeks of work to care for my sister, neglecting her own needs once again to care for the family.

I am so thankful to have both of them in my life, as is the rest of our family; whatever any of us needs, whenever they need it, they are always there for us. I wasn't there when my father died, but now I can be so very thankful that Mom and Laura were there holding his hand when he passed, so I know he felt my love and support through the two of them...and they both supported me, encouraged me, and tried to ease the guilt I felt about that during all the arrangements we had to make. I truly don't know how I could have made it through without the two of them.

I wholeheartedly beg you to choose them for your makeover...they not only need the pampering, they deserve it. I see it as a renewal for the holiday season, as well as a fresh start for the changes they've both had in their lives...thank you for this opportunity to spoil, pamper, and praise my two best mother and sister!

With Love,
Terri Michaels"

Clearly, it's been a rough year on the entire family, so to show Delores and Laura how thankful Terri is to have them in her life, David will make them over from head to toe Monday morning.

Don't miss the transformation.