Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving, decorate and set your table, turkey
CBS/The Early Show
I'll be honest: My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the food. It's my kind of food: recognizable. I'm not much for pushing aside a flower on my plate and trying to figure out exactly what's underneath it, especially when it turns out to be some goofy combination I never heard of -- braised raspberries and jellied quail eggs over raw rabbit or some such. And the worst is when it's all stacked up in a pile.

No, I like those old standards: turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pecan pie -- even the ones I can't eat anymore. I just like to see them there, side by side, with their own little place on the plate.

We had some new high chairs at our table this year, and after polishing off a fine squash soup, one of the new additions looked up and said, 'What's next?' Now that's my kind of celebrant.

So many times when bad things happen to us, we ask, `Why me?' But do we always remember to say `Why me?' when good things happen? I hope I have. As I looked around that table, I realized so many good things came my way this year, that no matter how many times I said `Thanks,' it would never be enough.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mine, and I hope you got a nice little nap after that meal.

By Bob Schieffer