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Giving away free money not as easy as it seems

(CBS News) We've all been here before: you're walking down the street when someone suddenly comes up to you and tries to solicit you for a petition, donation, service... the list goes on. And while I personally always try to take a moment to listen to whatever said thing is, I totally understand the impulse to keep on walking. Which is a shame for the people in the video above, because it could actually turn out to be free money. Watch and see what happens.

The seemingly altruistic attempt gone awry comes courtesy of Fat Awesomewho were previously featured for some unique perspectives on pets, and who write about their latest:

We tried to give our money away but nobody wanted it.
Well, if you're still looking to give out cash, I'm more than happy to help out. (Just trying to do my good deed for the day here.) And to check out more hilarious work from Fat Awesomebe sure to see our previous posts by clicking here or you can go to their website by clicking here.
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