Giuliani: Vote Early for Me

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLA. -- When his staff finally handed him a microphone, Rudy Giuliani stood before his campaign bus and offered the packed parking lot of supporters a suggestion.

"People of Florida are going to learn about all the candidates, all the issues and everything else," said Giuliani.

"But I tell you what…before they even get here to campaign, how about you go vote for me?"

Florida's primary is on January 29th, but the state offers early ballots that Giuliani hopes he can grab early on and be cast with his name.

"You can do something in Florida that can't get done anywhere else. You can vote today."

The stop was part of a three day bus tour through the Sunshine State.

"If I was living here, I don't want to say who I would vote for, but if I was living here, I'd vote now," Giuliani said.

"I mean, I'd just get it over with, and vote now."

Giuliani had arrived in New Smyrna Beach with a bucket of Rawlings baseballs he had autographed on his campaign bus.

He distributed them into care packages for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan -- some of which were also packed with the DVD version of the Sean Astin football film, "Rudy."