Giuliani Talks Campaign Security

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro, on the campaign trail with the Giuliani campaign:

Rudy Giuliani says he doesn't think there has been any increase in his campaign's security following yesterday's hostage situation at a Clinton field office.

In a Q and A with reporters shot by CBS, the mayor praised law enforcement, but says he's not sure if any changes have been made to his own offices.

"I don't think we have, I haven't noticed any increase," he said.

The mayor says he is "very empathetic with what people went through" yesterday.

As to his own private security, he says no changes need to be made. "I always feel safe."

He then recounted that an $800,000 bounty was once put on his head as a federal prosecutor, which fell to $400k. The mayor joked that he felt he had dropped in value after finding out about the contract change.

Without mentioning Hillary Clinton by name, Rudy Giuliani opened his town hall event in Durham, New Hampshire by extending his "prayers and sympathy to the people involved in the hostage situation."

"My words of congratulations to the police who handled it … it was a textbook case of how to do this right."

The former mayor spoke before a few hundred people at the University of New Hampshire.

"These are not easy situations for the people involved," he said, acknowledging not only the hostages and their families, but also law enforcement for the safe outcome of the incident. "It takes a great deal of experience and the hand of God."