Giuliani Says McCain Would Be a Good Adviser

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

HAMPTON, N.H. -- As John McCain's poll numbers continue to rise in New Hampshire, Rudy Giuliani suggested today that his rival candidate would make a "good adviser."

While taking questions from the audience at an event in Hampton, a woman praised Giuliani's ability to run a government, but questioned whether he knew more about how to get things done in Washington D.C. better than McCain.

"The question was, I have proven my ability to administer (but) John McCain knows the ropes inside Washington, and how do I deal with that?" said Rudy, and paused.

"John would be a really good adviser."

The crowd of over a hundred broke into to cheers and laughter, much of it with a "he got you there" tone.

"You know, this campaign is going to be over at some point," continued Giuliani. "John is a friend now, he's going to remain a friend then. I think John is a really fine man. He's a hero of mine. I have great respect for him. I know he has great respect for me."

Giuliani said that both he and McCain have great assets, but argued that he believes experience in running a city and a business, as he has, will resonate more with Americans that are choosing a candidate.

The former mayor also said he will specifically appoint conservative federal judges. Receiving questions on abortion and the right to bear arms, Giuliani told supporters what he sees as the "big difference" between himself and the Democratic candidates.

"If Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or John Edwards are elected, they will appoint 180 to 200 federal judges…and they'll all be social activists," said Giuliani.

"If I am elected president, I will appoint 180 to 200 conservative judges."

Giuliani later had stopped by a coffee shop in Hampstead, NH before flying home for the holidays. Giuliani wished "Merry Christmas" and told voters he wanted them to get home in time to watch the 4:15pm New England Patriots game.