Giuliani Says He's In After Florida

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

CLEARWATER, FLA. -- No matter what the outcome of tomorrow's primary voting in Florida, Rudy Giuliani says he will be a part of the Reagan Library Republican debate on Thursday.

"We fully intend to participate in the debate," said Giuliani, speaking with wife Judith and Gov. Rick Perry, R- Tex., aboard his campaign plane.

It's a sign that Giuliani might continue on even if he does not win the primary in Florida, although he expresses nothing but confidence in being successful in this state.

"I think the winner of Florida will win the nomination, and we're going to win Florida," he said.

Giuliani has enjoyed the comparison of his campaign to the New York Giants, who came from behind to win a spot in the Super Bowl against the undefeated New England Patriots.

"What were they in the last one, a seven point underdog?" asked Giuliani. "I rooted for them in the last one and they came through."

Giuliani spends the day puddle-jumping by plane throughout Florida. He began this morning in Sanford, where he promised to put a man on Mars as president and to end illegal immigration, which drew cheers from the crowd.

Giuliani's campaign introduced a new song to accompany the mayor when he takes the stage, Van Halen's "Best Of Both Worlds," which is symbolic of Giuliani's claim that he can make up for whatever shortcomings John McCain and Mitt Romney are accusing of one another.

Gov. Perry, who endorsed Giuliani last fall and joined him on the trail this morning, introduced Giuliani as the person who cleaned up New York City. Perry told a crowd in Clearwater that Giuliani took New York City from "a cesspool you wouldn't want to take your family to and turned it into the crown jewel it is today."

Giuliani kissed Judith on stage and leaped into a speech about his views for the country, including his desire to end illegal immigration and keep the country on offense against Islamic terrorism.

"I believe in you, I believe in people – that's why I want to keep more money in your pocket," said Giuliani, and ended by telling the crowd he need their vote.

"Can I count on it?" asked Giuliani, to screams and waving of "RUDY" signs. "Let's make Florida count – let's make Florida Rudy country!"

"If we win in Florida, we're going to win in every place else!"