Giuliani Reprises Movie Line

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- "You can do it!" shouted Rudy in his thickest New York accent. "You can do it!"

At an event hosted by Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, Giuliani repeated the line he read in Adam Sandler's movie "Anger Management."

It was a little more off-beat than we usually see out of Giuliani.

More importantly, he is pushing for people to vote for him.

After reports of him writing off New Hampshire, he is asking directly, over and over, for Granite State voters to vote for him.

Another highlight was when a guy answered another voter's question about when the U.S. would stop spending money in Iraq.

The man shouted something to the effect of "when we win! With victory! When we win the damn war!" To which Giuliani said, that's the best soundbite you're ever gonna get.

On the way out of the event, Giuliani was asked how he felt. "Fine," he said, repeating that it was only a very bad headache he suffered earlier this week.