Giuliani Reacts to Bhutto Assassination

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. -- Rudy Giuliani sent his condolences to the family of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, who was assasinated earlier this morning. He called the terrorist attack that took Bhutto's life tragic and jarring for the people of Pakistan, and said it reminds Americans that President Bush made the "right decision to go on offense" against Islamic terrorism.

The former mayor also suggested "doubling our forces" in and around the region.

Giuliani invoked September 11th when mentioning this morning's carnage in which at least two dozen were killed, saying both events show a different kind of world he says we live in under current terrorist threats. When asked about his new campaign ad that emphasizes his role on 9/11, he said it provides "proportionate emphasis" on an event "that was an important part of my life."

He also justified its political appropriateness by saying that Hillary Clinton and President Bush have used images and references to 9/11 while campaigning for office.

In regards to a national security response to the assasination of Bhutto, Giuliani said "We should take a look at what we have in Afghanistan...and see if our efforts there are as effective as they should be. I have a feeling...we should increase our efforts in Afghanistan, which is on the border of Pakistan."

Giuliani made the statements after meeting with Florida veterans, and listened to their concerns about everything from insurance paperwork the size of the military

"There's no question that we need to increase the Marines to at least 200,000," said Giuliani, who has continuously said he will increase the size of the U.S. Military if elected president.

On concerns that companies are not hiring veterans, many who have long term mental stress that takes time to appear, Giuliani said, "Obviously that's gonna grow in the next two years, three years, some of the problems take that long to grow."

"Another thing a president can do is urge private be more understanding of these issues. I tried to foster that in New York City."

"It's one thing for government to do, but you have to foster that mentality with employers as well."