Giuliani Proud Not to Join Last-Minute Attacks

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

MIAMI -- On primary day in Florida, Rudy Giuliani remained confident about staying out of the fighting between John McCain and Mitt Romney that has dominated the conversation of the political pundits in recent days.

"Not only are we proud we stayed on the positive message, we believe that's the positive message is the way to win this primary," said Giuliani. "It's the way to rise above all the anger."

Giuliani stopped for a light breakfast of raisin bran at the Rascal House restaurant in Miami this morning, shaking hands with voters and maintaining that he can still win Florida.

In the last two weeks, Giuliani has issued a tax cut proposal that was introduced by several of his endorsers (including Sen. Kit Bond, R-Missouri, and Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.), called for a National Catastrophe Relief Fund to help states with the cost of natural disasters and terrorist attacks, and introduced his proposed one-page tax return form.

But talk of this was minimal over the airwaves, where the focus on Republicans has centered on John McCain and Mitt Romney's verbal attacks of one another. The latest has been each calling the other out for being more "liberal," and both appeared in interviews on news networks last night to continue the negative accusations.

Refusing to talk about his plan for the days following this evening's primary, Giuliani said his strategy for winning Florida was the only and best choice for his campaign. Despite sinking polls numbers in recent weeks, the Giuliani campaign is hoping their strategy of courting early voters in Florida before Romney, McCain and Huckabee began barnstorming through the state will have worked.