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Giuliani Maintains Focus On Clinton, Dems In New Ad

Rudy Giuliani has been fixated on Hillary Clinton of late. The Republican candidate took frequent shots at her in Tuesday's debate, and has joked about her mention of issuing "baby bonds" to every baby born in the U.S. to help them pay for college or home costs – an idea she seems to have now rejected.

The fixation continues in Giuliani's latest radio ad, now airing in Iowa. He doesn't address Clinton by name, but the implication is clear. "Democrats want to move in the direction of much bigger government, socialized medicine, increasing government regulation, much higher taxes," Giuliani says in the spot.

He goes on to tout his own record as New York City mayor, noting that he cut taxes and reduced spending. This is an argument we've heard before from Giuliani, but for the most part it's been directed at Mitt Romney, not Clinton or Democrats in general.

This tactic is not unlike what we've seen from Hillary Clinton herself – her public statements rarely target her rivals and instead focus on President Bush and the Republican Party. In a GOP race that seems to have no clear front-runner, Giuliani is starting to talk like one. A little presumptuous, maybe, but by attacking Clinton – and reminding Republican primary voters of her – Giuliani may be scoring some points that will put him in the lead for his party's nomination.