Giuliani: Lack Of Choice Ruining U.S. Education System

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro, on the trail with the Rudy Giuliani campaign:

Campaigning in Greensboro, N.C., Monday, Rudy Giuliani animatedly attacked the legitimacy of today's education system, saying government bureaucrats telling parents where to educate their children is the main reason behind the deterioration of K-12 education in America.

"What the heck are we doing?" Giuliani asked as he spoke with several hundred members of North Carolina Women for Rudy. "Don't you think it's the biggest civil rights issue we face?"

Giuliani said allowing parents the same degree of choice for K-12 education that they have when it comes to picking a college would cause underperforming schools to close, with those left standing improving as they competed to bring students into their classrooms. "If we want to change K through 12 in America, we do school choice, we do vouchers, we offer it as an option," he said.

Giuliani received cheers when he summed up his view of the best way to judge schools.

"All this discussion about standards in schools getting measured in Washington, and getting measured in the state capital, and getting measured by a school board," he said. "Who the heck can measure the standards in schools better than the parents selecting the schools? Isn't the best answer that a school is a good school that lots of parents think, 'We want our child to get into this school.'"

The former New York mayor will spend the rest of Monday at private fundraisers in North Carolina, and resurfaces for public events in Florida on Thursday.