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Giuliani: I'm the Only One That Would Provide Florida Relief

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

MIAMI -- Rudy Giuliani says that a vote for opponents John McCain and Mitt Romney will meaning voting to go without a National Catastrophic Relief Fund.

Speaking outside of a rally of over a hundred Cuban Americans, Giuliani told reporters, "I am for the National Catastrophic Fund. John McCain is against the National Catastrophic Fund and Mitt Romney seems to be for it and against it, so it's hard to know what his position is."

At a time when undecided voters in Florida are coming to a decision on which candidate they favor, Giuliani is focusing on the needs of those affected by the state's rising insurance costs to keep their homes.

"This is a very important issue for Florida," said Giuliani. "They can't get insurance for their homes, because it's too expensive."

"We're not talking about hundreds of people, we're talking about thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who literally, if they can, are going to have to move out of their house. There is a way to solve this, with a federal backstop – and it will not cost the government any more money."

Giuliani also drove the contrast between himself and his GOP rivals by pointing out differences on an economic level.

"There's a big difference on taxes also," said Giuliani. "John McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts. Mitt Romney did not reduce taxes when he was governor of Massachusetts. And he did not embrace the Bush tax cuts. He didn't oppose them, he didn't support them."

"I supported them because I did them before. And when you look at our tax programs, my tax program gives the biggest tax relief and has already been introduced into Congress as a piece of legislation."

"And it's not that we don't all agree on lowering taxes, I think all three of us agree on lowering taxes, I think I just have the best record and the boldest program to do it."

Trying to overcome his struggles in recent polls, Giuliani referred to himself in last night's Republican debate as an underdog like his home team, the New York Giants, who won a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl. Asked if the underdog term meant he wasn't expecting a win on Tuesday, Giuliani replied, "Well, underdogs win!"

"The Giants were underdogs and they won. I thought the connection with the Giants was a cute one. It was more of a joke than an in-depth serious comment."

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