Giuliani: Americans Are Part of a "9/11 Generation"

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

WOLFEBORO, N.H. -- Rudy Giuliani says that Americans today are now part of a "9/11 Generation" whose greatest challenge will be to defeat the threat of global terrorism.

Campaigning in the snowy hills of Wolfeboro, Giuliani gave a refined speech that made prevention of terror the target of his presidential appeal. Introduced by former FBI director Louis Freeh, the mayor read from prepared remarks, something he rarely does, the mayor said that ending Islamic terrorism will be his top priority as Commander in Chief.

"We didn't seek this conflict, we didn't start this conflict, but we're going to finish this conflict, and we're going to win it," said Giuliani.

Giuliani told a crowd of around 150 supporters that his goals are clear, saying "Osama Bin laden must be caught and brought to justice. Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas have to feel increased pressure on every level. We have to make sure we finish the job with Al Qaeda and Taliban."

Speaking about people from countries around the world, Giuliani said, "All of us have lost people to terrorism --- any of these groups we are talking about. Our differences are small in comparison to the dangers that we face."

He said the four main objectives of fulfilling his plan to end "the terrorists' war against us" would be to increase the military in size, refocus intelligence, boost human intelligence gathering, and evaluate the National Intelligence Agency.

He rhetorically asked the audience about what he would say to people who said increasing military strength will incite conflict. To rebuke that hypothesis, he quoted America's first president.

"George Washington said there is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared for an enemy," said Giuliani.

"This generation is as strong, as patriotic, as determined and is just as capable of meeting this challenge and prevailing. That's our great test – all of us."

"It's a test that unites us, it's a test that brings us together, it's a test we will pass. Because if you look at history, people who live in freedom prevail over oppression."