Giuliana Rancic's Favorite Scary Movies

Melissa George and Josh Hartnett (l-r) in scene from movie "30 Days of Night"
This past weekend's biggest box office hit was the horror film "30 Days of Night," proving once again that movie audiences love to be scared.

"It's the same reason people jump out of airplanes or love roller coasters. It's that adrenaline rush," E! entertainment anchor and Early Show contributor Giuliana Rancic said. "Once you do it and accomplish it, you're like, 'Yes, I did it.' It's that great feeling of just accomplishing it.'"

In honor of Halloween, Rancic stopped by The Early Show with some of her favorite horror films of all time, starting with what is now a classic, "Halloween," starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It was made in 1978.

"And you know what's so funny about 'Halloween,' it was actually made on a shoestring budget," she said. "They barely had any money. The cast had to wear their own clothes. Jamie Lee Curtis was the only one with a budget -- 100 bucks to spend on her clothing -- yet it was a huge success. A story of a baby-sitter at home being stalked by the madman. Nothing is creepier, and I never baby-sat again after this. Ever."

"The Shining" showed the world just how scary Jack Nicholson could be. The movie, released in 1980, was legendary director Stanley Kubric's most successful film.

" 'The Shining' is so fantastic because it works on such a psychological level," Rancic said. "You know, the visuals were so menacing and so frightening, and it's just an incredible thriller."

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She said still to this day, when she walks down a hotel corridor, she has visions of the twins who haunted the hotel in "The Shining."

Another memorable moment from that movie was Nicholson's line: "Here's Johnny!" That was adlibbed, Rancic said.

"That was not in the script. Jack Nicholson did it," she said. "And another interesting thing, his son in the film who does the red rum, red rum ... the little kid had no idea he was in a horror film. Stanley Kubric kept it from him because he didn't want to freak him out. For all the kid knew he was, like, in 'Annie.' "

"Scream" came out in the 1990s and starred Drew Barrymore, but she was killed off in the biggest scene, which is how Rancic said she knew that movie was "the real deal."

She also said "Friday the 13th" was one of her favorites, and after seeing that she couldn't walk down the sidewalk, but her top scary movie of all time was the 1978 film "Magic" starring Anthony Hopkins.