Girl transforms herself into various versions of Johnny Depp with a little makeup

(CBS News) With a little bit of makeup and a whole lot of talent, it turns out you can do anything. Well, okay, anything in terms of your appearance (you can't fly or have super strength or something crazy cool like that, I'm pretty sure). Don't believe me?  Well, then, just watch the makeup guru in the video above who manages to transform herself into not one, not two, but three different versions of the great Johnny Depp.

Wow, that girl has some mad makeup skills, right?  The makeup guru in question is one Promise Tamang Phan, who manages to pull off the impossible of looking like one of the coolest (and newly single, ladies) actors in Hollywood in almost all of his on- and off-screen forms. I'm thinking the casual Johnny Depp or possibly Captain Jack Sparrow look come out as the best of the bunch. How about you? Feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts or personal stories of makeup magic in your own lives. And to check out more from Promise Tamang Phan, you can visit here YouTube page by clicking here.