Ginsburg: Hoist With His Own Petard?

The strain of being in the public spotlight is beginning to show on William Ginsburg, the attorney who is representing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
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Ginsburg lost his composure Friday at Dulles Airport. And The Washington Post is reporting it's because he was severely chastised by U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson, who feels Ginsburg has been talking too much to the press.

On Friday, Ginsburg left his limousine and took off after photographers on a stakeout at the airport. He was on his way to a flight back to California.

The Post says Judge Johnson chastised Ginsburg during a closed-door hearing in her office Thursday, complaining that his statements to the press were not helping his client's case or the government.

Ginsburg spent most of the day Thursday arguing to Johnson that Whitewater prosecutors have an agreement with him to grant Lewinsky immunity from prosecution. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr has maintained there is no deal.

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