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Gift-wrapped manure addressed to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: police

Manure sent to Mnuchin
Manure sent to Mnuchin 00:33

LOS ANGELES -- Police on Saturday investigated a suspicious package addressed to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, CBS Los Angeles reports. The package was found on Bel Air Road, near Mnuchin's home, in Los Angeles. 

The package was gift-wrapped and filled with manure, police say, CBS Los Angeles' Cristy Fajardo reports. 

The package was found at a neighbor's home but was addressed to Mnuchin, which police say raised alarm bells. 

LAPD officers, the bomb squad and the Secret Service poured into the area.

A neighbor, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, said he and others who live above the home were trapped for about two hours, until police found out it was filled with manure and cleared the scene.  

"This is Bel Air. You have $50 million houses and all of a sudden we can't move? We can't go out?" he said. "That's bad. They have to find another way."

The LAPD said the Secret Service took over the investigation.

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