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Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Looking for a gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life? CBS Early Show fitness expert Minna Lessig has some ideas for every budget, from stocking stuffer gifts up to a huge piece of gym equipment for the home.

A lot of these gift suggestions are things that help the recipient with motivation. It helps to inspire them to keep going with their routine. Also, people tend to like gadgets and props, and these gifts are something different, in the sense that they're not the typical holiday gifts. When it comes to motivation, it really boils down to people getting bored so they like variety.

Lessig says portable gifts like exercise tubing are great for people who are always traveling and say they don't have the time to exercise. They can throw it into their suitcase and take it with them. And the yoga belt and block are helpful for people who are intimidated to try yoga because they're not that flexible, so this could help them get inspired.

As far as whether someone would be insulted about receiving any of these gifts - Lessig says that you have to know the person who you're giving the gift to and whether they're easily offended or their feelings would be hurt by something like this. It's not a hint for someone who's out of shape to exercise, and if you present their gift in a nice way, no one should be offended by them.

Here are her ideas for various gift-giving levels:

- Exercise tubing
- Weight gloves

- Portable gel seat for spinning bike
- Yoga belt
- Yoga block

- New gym bag
- Polar Heart rate monitor
- Gift certificates (for personal training sessions and for limited gym membership)

- Elliptical stationary bike for the home

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