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Gibbs to Roll White House Trees in Toilet Paper if Auburn Wins

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs speaks during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, July 13, 2010. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) AP

In outgoing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' hometown of Auburn, Ala., War Eagle fans have a long-standing tradition of rolling old oak trees at the entrance to Auburn's campus in toilet paper anytime there is reason to celebrate.

In an interview with CBS College Sports Network to air tonight, Gibbs says he will bring that tradition to the White House lawn if Auburn beats Oregon in Monday's BCS National Championship game.

"If Auburn wins, I will come back, I will get a little agreement with the Secret Service," Gibbs told CBS' Tony Barnhart. "We'll put a couple of rolls [of toilet paper] up there, and then I can help take it down so it doesn't look like we trashed the place."

The last time Gibbs threw a roll of toilet paper in a tree was after Auburn's victory in the Southeastern Conference championship game against South Carolina, but that tree was in his own front yard. Gibbs taught his 7-year-old son Ethan the Auburn tradition this season and said, "He thinks it's one of the coolest things he's learned in a long time."

When asked if the president understands how important this game is to him, Gibbs said he surely does. "During the LSU game, we were on the road," Gibbs explained. "A bunch of people were in suits and I was wearing the Auburn shirt that I've worn for every game that I've watched this year. He gets how big a deal this is for me. He enjoys and loves college football. I think there are so many fans including him that are excited about watching this game."

Gibbs will leave Washington on Saturday to attend Monday night's game in Glendale, Ariz. with childhood friends and one of his favorite high school teachers.

The full interview will air tonight on The Tony Barnhart Show on CBS College Sports Network. Watch a clip below: