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Gibbs on Bipartisanship: We Have No Choice

6138626No surprise, the economy will dominate President Barack Obama's State of the Union address tonight.

Expect two-thirds of the speech to be devoted to economic issues, such as tax credits for small businesses, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told CBS' "The Early Show" Wednesday.

Gibbs added that health care reform, its fate hanging delicately in the balance in Congress, will be addressed.

Now that the Democrats lost its 60-vote majority in the Senate — the result of Republican Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts last week — Gibbs said bipartisanship was a must. "We don't have any choice," Gibbs said. "Democrats and Republicans will have to work together. The president will challenge them to do that."

He added that politicians must "stop pretending that every day in Washington is Election Day."

At a press conference Tuesday, Gibbs said Mr. Obama will outline a plan aimed at moving the economy to Special Report: Obama's 2010 State of the UnionWhen President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress last year, his approval ration was at 63 percent and Congress had just passed his $787 billion stimulus package. Since then, his signature issue, health reform, is in jeopardy and the unemployment rate jumped 2 percent and is in double digits, reports CBS News White House correspondent Chip Reid.Special Report: Obama's First YearAccording to the latest CBS News poll, the president's approval rating is 50 percent.

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